About Me

Nazlah Hudgins is skilled at closing the gap between Points A and B. Year after year, immeasurable time and energy were devoted to helping friends, family members, and even co-workers evolve into the best versions of themselves. Although Nazlah empowered others to overcome obstacles and leap into greatness, her well-delivered sage advice fell flat when turned inward.

After multiple failed relationships, Nazlah came to the realization that some things in her needed to be uprooted. The guys were not entirely to blame; neither was her past the only culprit. Her issues ran throughout her bloodline. Resiliency rose up. Nazlah embarked on a 3-year journey to identify self-sabotaging tendencies, unpack unhealthy behaviors, and break the vicious cycle of generational trends. Through her healing came the revelation of purpose: the greater good was to move beyond personal healing to be an aid in the healing of others.

Transforming lives through the breaking of generational cycles and limiting mindsets.

Individuals freed from the past to thrive in the present and excel in the future.

Breaking chains to build a new normal.

Nazlah Hudgins holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Albany State University and an MBA from Keller Graduate School. She received her coaching certification from the Georgia Certified Life Coaching Academy. Today, Nazlah is dedicated to walking with Millennial women and men as they commit to the process of breaking generational chains and building a new normal. With patience and compassion, she partners with clients in becoming unchained from the past to heal in the present. Through NWH Life Coaching Enterprises, individuals become empowered and equipped to get freed from the past, thrive in the present and excel in the future.

Nazlah Hudgins is a natural-born helper dedicated to assisting others in arriving at the best versions of themselves. After years of being bound by unhealthy behaviors and generational trends, resiliency rose up. She embarked on a 3-year journey of healing, wholeness, and helping others on another level. Impassioned by the power of turnaround, Nazlah earned her coaching certification from the Georgia Certified Life Coaching Academy to become better skilled at equipping others. Through NWH Life Coaching Enterprises, she partners with clients as they journey to break free from the past, thrive in the present, and excel in the future.

My Story

My parents are best friends. There is no denying their love for one another. Still, their example lacked within the modeling of a healthy relationship. I searched from generation to generation trying to find one example of a flourishing foundation on which a family could and should be built. There wasn’t one. Before my past of internalized guild and shame that led to destructive cycles were patterns and trends that seemingly positioned me to be destined for failure. No! I am a chain breaker! And you know what? You are too! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. Making your way to my site is a prime indicator that you are ready and committed to change. We aren’t even that well acquainted and I am already proud of the boldness I see rising up in you! There is no time like the present to deal with the generational trends of your past to experience the freedom that life transformation brings. You are ready! Let me be clear – everyone’s process is different, but I am here to assist you along the way. It took 3 years of unlearning old habits and implementing changes, but I did it. I committed to the process and stayed the course.